Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please send an email to


Why hire a professional make-up artist for my wedding?

Makeup for photography is different from your everyday makeup. A certified, professional like myself understands camera lighting and reflected light. It is not just the way you look when seen with the eye, but the way your makeup will translate when light bounces off your face and refracted back to the camera in your photos and video. Understanding this, I bring out and play up your good features, correcting and changing face shapes and proportions, if necessary, using cosmetics. Hiring a professional makeup artist with the knowledge of creating these cosmetic illusions for the camera, even lightly applied, will ensure that your photographer will capture your most beautiful self. My makeup application can be very subtle and natural; or bold and glamorous; either providing you with a flawless, glowing complexion and confidence in your appearance on your special day.
On this special day, how you look and feel is most important. The pictures in your wedding album will last a lifetime, records your family, children and their children will always have.


Do you have experience with different ethnic groups and skin types?

Yes, from my eight years in the beauty industry working with ethnicities of all ages and now working with brides from all over the world. I have always specialized in custom blended make-up to match any skin tone; light or dark, pink or olive. I’m used to working with all skin types: young problem skin; delicate, sensitive or mature.


Do you offer a consultation or makeup trial session?

Yes, the Trial Session can be done before you book your wedding. It’s a valuable opportunity for you and me to discuss and explore different thoughts and ideas, so you will know what to expect on your wedding day.

If scheduled far enough in advance, I usually suggest that it may be a good idea to use the trial session for the bride to arrange it with the ‘Engagement Photoshoot’ for the couple’s use. Many times it’s not possible for ‘destination brides’ from out of the state or country, to have time before an event to book a Trial run. But a trial session can be worked in a day or two before the event.


What should I bring to the Trial Session?

You may use your normal skin care products and can come your "everyday makeup" on if you have a preference. If you want to have a completely different makeup look than your 'everyday makeup', I suggest coming with no makeup. Also, bring along photos or ‘tears‘ from magazines or the internet of the looks or color combinations you love.
These reference photos that you bring are a great ‘shorthand’ of what you envision. It’s a great ‘jumping-off point’ so we can both be on the same page right from the start, you can also email me photos that will attached to your file. Please note that I usually don’t bring photos unless requested, so it’s your opportunity to show me exactly what you are thinking.


What can I expect during a Trial Session?

I will be working with you to create your exact look ~ whether soft and natural or bold and glamourous. During the Trial session, the bride and I will discuss make-up styles, colors, intensity and the design that will achieve the intended wedding day look. Family members or friends are welcome to watch the process.
After shooting a “BEFORE” picture, the application begins incorporating all the ideas discussed; I will be explaining as I go; not just what I’m doing. But the ‘why’ and suggesting options.
When the bride is happy with the finished product, we’ll shoot an ‘AFTER’ photo or two. The ‘Before and after' photos, will be sent to you via e-mail. The bride can use These photos or I to be further inspired to make any additions or changes.


Where will the wedding ‘Trial Session’ or makeup consult/trial take place?

Since I don’t regularly work in a salon, I would come to you; at your home or where you might be staying in San Diego. If you were only coming to San Diego for the day without a place of residence, I would arrange to meet you at a salon in San Diego.


What type of makeup products do you use?

I carry many different consumer and professional makeup brands in my kit. I don’t like just to stick to one name brand; the products are chosen for their ability not their name recognition. I work from an extensive palette – including M.A.C, Temptu Pro, Makeup Forever, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Nars, Ben Nye, Sephora, Urban Decay and other professional brands. I use the very best available consumer and professional products appropriate for you, depending on your skin type.


How long will my makeup last?

Using a variety of professional waterproof and water resistant products along with studio application techniques, Wedding makeup should last most of the day and into the night.
Expect minor touch-ups such as replenishing your lipstick or blotting or powdering shine from your face once in a while. A touch-up kit will be provided, it includes your lip color and a powder puff with no color powder. It is also a great idea to invest in a pressed powder compact compatible with your skin tone.


Do you stay to do touchups on the brides until she’s ready to walk down the aisle or do you provide a wedding
makeup touch-up service?

If you are taking photos before the ceremony or would like me to stay for touch-ups until the ceremony begins, additional time is available on the hourly rate.


I plan on changing dresses before the reception; Can I also change my hair and enhance my makeup so everything flows together?

Yes, whether you are taking photos after the ceremony or would like to change or touch-up your make-up before the reception. I can be available for you By-The-Hour for any additional time you would like me to stay.


On the wedding day, what is the approximate time for makeup application for each person?

Each person would take about 45 mins. Or less. I suggest to brides and their planners, to decide when they would like to be ready (either for ‘getting ready’ pictures or when they have to leave).


In addition to myself, I have 8 bridesmaids who all want makeup and hairstyling. How are you going to be able to get everyone ready on time?

Usually depending on the time frame, I may choose to bring additional stylists. But if possible, I always like to see to everyone’s makeup to be sure to coordinate and maintain the ‘look’ of an event.

When you decide your ‘ready time’  A timeline will be created, we just back ourselves up 45 minutes a person (an average) and that will give us our approximate start time. IF for some reason that is not possible, (Church Weddings are usually early) then we can either ‘jam’ everyone (except the bride) into 1/2 hour slots.


My mom’s/mother-in-law’s/bridesmaid’s day-to-day look is a bit dated. I’m afraid that if they insist on doing their look, it will take away from the style I envision. I want to include them – how can I do this without hurting their feelings?

The best solution is for you to “treat” these individuals to their beauty services for the wedding. Stress how important it is to you that the look of everyone in the wedding party is coordinated.

Also, consider paying for makeup and hairstyling as a bridesmaid/wedding party gift. Your photos and video will look better if everyone in your immediate wedding party have professional beauty services, rather than having some girls ‘with’ and some ‘without.


Is there a travel fee? How far will you travel?

Travel fees for travel time within the San Diego areas start at $25. If you are traveling a long distance for your wedding, I have and do travel all over the world to do makeup for weddings and events. Weddings as far away as Beverly Hills, New York, and Hawaii. There are negotiable travel fees depending on the size of the event, please e-mail me for a custom quote.


How can I reserve my wedding date?

A 50% non-refundable deposit, (an agreed upon amount based on your total event service fee) would be delivered after your consult/trial or emailed beforehand. Many brides prefer to secure their date even before their Trial to ensure availability of their day. The deposit is applied toward the total of your final balance for services.

Sometimes brides book me a year or more in advance or more typically months in advance, however; it may still be possible to accommodate your request on short notice if your date is still available.

Receipt of your deposit will be acknowledged by e-mail along with a signed contract noting your reserved date; an outline of intended services, timeline and all facts of your event. With that, your day is considered booked.


Do you do makeup for other occasions?

I can provide makeup services for any occasion. From Photoshoots, Music Videos, Pageants, Rehearsal Dinners; Anniversary and Special Birthday Parties; Holiday and Theme Parties or Fund Raisers. Any social event you can imagine, that will be photographed or recorded, or anytime you would want to look and feel special.


Do you ever teach individuals your techniques?

Yes, I do offer Private Instruction or make up lessons to help you achieve professional results and helping teach how to get the most out of your makeup collection for your everyday use or special occasions. I can work one-on-one with individuals or a small group by the hourly rate.